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Heating Service In Oakley, CA

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Heating Services in Oakley, Pinole, Brentwood, CA, and Surrounding Areas


At Bay Area Comfort Solutions, we offer HVAC replacement, maintenance, and repair services in Oakley, California and surrounding areas. As leading A/C and heating experts since 1997, we understand the needs of local homeowners and strive to deliver reliable, cost-effective cooling and heating options for any home. 


We offer up-front pricing and a 10 year parts & labor warranty on select systems, and you can rest easy with our “If we can’t fix it, it’s FREE” policy!

Everyone wants to make sure they have proper heating during California winters and that they are using the most energy-efficient heating possible to save money. If your current furnace needs an upgrade, one of our technicians can help you make a decision on a new system based on your family’s needs!

If you are one of the many California homeowners utilizing an electric or gas furnace as your main heat source, we have skilled Heating technicians who can help you repair or replace your equipment. A new, high-efficient system can also drastically reduce energy consumption. Be sure to keep your heating system maintained and when it’s time for an upgrade, give us a call for a free estimate!

Looking for something more energy-efficient? If so, ask one of our technicians about solar heat pump systems. These highly efficient systems use the earth’s constant temperature to keep your home warm using a loop that circulates water using pipes between your home, a heat pump and the earth. During the winter, the heating systems absorb heat stored in the ground and carry it to the heat pump which then converts to warm air with the help of the blower. Geothermal energy is much more efficient than a furnace and uses less power than a typical heat pump. Bay Area Comfort Solutions is the best choice for installing and maintaining geothermal systems!

Ductless mini-split systems are another energy-efficient option. These versatile heating and cooling systems allow you to heat either your entire home or individual rooms. Ductless heating solutions are connected through traditional refrigeration lines without the need for ductwork. You can have one indoor and one outdoor unit controlled with a thermostat, or a complex system throughout the whole house. These systems have a variety of installation options, including wall, floor, or ceiling mounted air handlers, and even combining a ducted option. Benefits of ductless systems include:

  • Extreme Energy Efficiency
  • High Heating Capacities
  • Zone Control
  • Reliability
  • Versatility
  • Quiet Operation


Heating Services Includes:

Trust the experts at Bay Area Comfort Solutions to take care of your and your family’s heating needs! Call us today at (925) 567-9864!

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