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Save Money With These Winter Home Maintenance Tips!

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It is often believed that financial comfort requires a lot of money. However, it is possible to save money while still maintaining a comfortable lifestyle. By being mindful of your home comfort solutions, you can save on energy bills, repairs, and other costly damages. Simple home maintenance tips, such as those provided by our heating installation in Oakley, CA, can make a big difference in saving money during the winter months.

Curious to know what these tips are? Let’s explore.

Home maintenance tips to save money this winter

To have comfort throughout the winter, you must spend a decent percentage of your income on heating installation. Repetitive repairs and high electricity expenses related to HVAC can disappoint you. You can save money with these fantastic five tips this winter.

Look for an ERV system

ERV is an acronym for Energy Recovery Ventilation. It recovers the energy from the exhaust air to supply pre-conditioned heating and cooling. This device prevents the wastage of useful energy and helps you cut the cost of electricity expenses.

Have all safety features

If you have to rely on a less efficient furnace system instead of a heat pump due to freezing temperatures, ensure that your furnace gets equipped with safety features.

You should install a surge protector that prevents potential electricity damage or fire hazards by shutting down the system. A surge protector is not in-built into the furnace. The surge protector can cost around $100.

Safety features are essential because gas leakage and fire hazards can negatively impact your health and home. It can be life-threatening as well. A furnace with safety features means fewer health risks, no expensive medical bills, and no interior damage repair costs. This way, furnace safety features help you save money during winter.

Intact heating insulation

Proper insulation is essential. It prevents energy wastage and maintains the quality of the heating system. Make sure you get the poor insulation replaced before the winter season.

The gaps or unnecessary ventilation let the warm air escape outside. It also makes it easier for the cool air to enter indoors. It will not only strain your heating unit but also affect your health.

Place the draft stopper on doors and windows to fill the gap. Cover the windows with curtains to have maximum heating efficiency.

Get a blanket insulation for the water heater to preserve hot water for longer and save money on electricity bills. If the insulation is not intact, you will soon need a heating service in Oakley, CA.

Yearly heating maintenance.

After heating installation in Oakley, CA, it is wise to schedule a heating maintenance service every year. Schedule a tune-up during fall to maximize the energy efficiency of the furnace or heat pump.

If you schedule yearly heating maintenance service twice, you get energy-efficient and top-quality heating.

Schedule pre-winter HVAC maintenance

Pre-winter HVAC maintenance is the most helpful energy-saving and money-saving method. It prevents expensive repairs, preponed replacements, and over-budget electricity bills. You can obtain reliable HVAC maintenance services at Bay Area Comfort Solution. We promise to provide you with a priority basis, satisfactory, and outstanding HVAC maintenance, replacement, and heating repair in Oakley, CA. Schedule service today with us by calling 925-567-9864.